Supreme Reality Help

  • What is Supreme Reality?

    Supreme Reality is an imageboard, a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images, often alongside related text and discussion. Unlike traditional forums and social media, imageboards do not require user registration, and users are anonymous by default.

  • How do I use Supreme Reality?

    To get started, simply click the 'Topics' button in the top left corner and browse the available topics of discussion. If the website owner has allowed it, users can create their own topics as well using the 'Create Topic' button. Topics marked "SFW", or safe-for-work, are intended to not allow adult content. Conversely, topics marked "NSFW", or not-safe-for-work, may contain material that is, well... not safe to browse at work. Or school. Or at all, if you're under the age of 18.

  • How do I use spoilers and other formatting marks?

    You can include formatting marks in your posts in order to change how they look. In order to create a spoiler effect, you use the spoiler tag [spoiler]spoilered text[/spoiler] or **spoilered text**. example -> spoilered text. Other tags you can include in square brackets to format the text are [red]red text[/red] or ==red text== for red text and [quote]green text quoting[/quote] or >green text quoting for

    green text quoting

    In order to keep everyone's posts nice and neat, if you use a formatting mark without closing it, your post may not display correctly.