>>122 2019-05-01 08:13:24 🐧
What does SR think of GOLANG? I'm a java/php developer by trade but im thinking of learning a more "modern" type of language to get with the times. I've seen a little GO and it looks alot better than the alternatives (ASP.net core, Python). Its multi paradigm so you can do OO as well as FP. The only thing I don't like about go is the community's insistence that you dont need a framework. Sorry but i like frameworks and i dont like coding routing, authentication, etc by hand. i'm thinking about maybe making a side project in go using this:


Its a ruby on rails style rapid development framework written in GO.

Any thoughts?
>>163 2019-05-09 06:22:24
Whats wrong with Java? It can also do FP now. Python too does OO and FP though I dislike the lack of type safety at "compile" time. Have you looked into Scala?
>>165 2019-05-09 08:54:26
Java the language is boilerplatey and forces everything to be OO. Yes there are type inference variables and FP in the newer versions but you have to use those FP aspects within a larger OO ecosystem really making it an object-functional language like scala at best.

The JVM is a huge achievement in software engineering, being optimized to run on so many machines at only 2-3x the speed of native code is a huge achievement. However the JVM =/= java as a language and languages such as kotlin, scala, clojure, etc are now better options for the jvm platform than java itself.

Furthermore talking about java 8+ is irrelevant because most large enterprises use Java EE servers like oracle weblogic, etc. which are stuck on older versions of java (java 6 and below) and wont be upgraded anytime soon.

Python: Guido is anti FP. He explicitly called for FP things like map, reduce, filter to be taken out of standard python. Google it everyone knows Guido is anti FP

Scala, have heard good things but havent tried it yet.

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