>>39 2019-04-23 03:28:11
Bush era conservatives saw anti war voices and intellectuals (chomsky etc) not as principled opposition but "Traitors".

For those of you who lived in burgerland during that time (post 9-11) you know what im talking about. If you spoke one word of opposition to the iraq/afghanistan wars some asshole would get up in your face and tell you, you were a traitor who hates the troops, hates the country, and is an ungrateful little shit who doesnt appreciate the sacrifice they are making for our FREEDUM. This was not played as the team america/america fuck yeah joke it is today, they literally and unironically meant it and fox news was considered a neutral new source (unironically) by most people.

This is where the new atheist movement came from as well, as a reaction of young, mostly white, guys rebelling against their conservative families pushing George w Bush era evangelical Christianity on them. Ironically many in this group would later go onto become conservative/altright.

I always laughed when people complained about MUH SJWS as though people getting outraged and emotional even to the point of destroying someones career is somehow a new or exclusively left wing phenomenon.

People forget that Bill Maher for example (not defending or agreeing with his politics which were right-libertarian at the time and centrist/liberal now) was fired from his show. - literally deplatformed because of his 9/11 comments. Where were the freedom of speech complainers then? What about the dixie chicks who because they spoke out against iraq and afghanistan wars, literally had conservatives BULLDOZING their CD's by the hundred and had their careers/reputations ruined from which they have never recovered. Where were these muh freeze peach guys then? In fact most of censorship has in the past has been from social conservatives (both republicans and democrats) against content they thought was going too far (i.e. family guy in the 2000s, Marilyn Manson in the 90s, Tipper Gore, etc.).

To claim or say that only the left can get mad/emotional and organize a deplatforming of people is ahistorical and basically acting like politics didn't exist before 2014, yet these people go around acting like everything was just hunky dori and wonderful, when out of nowhere, some hysterical liberals got mad about fake injustice for no reason whatsoever beginning with gamergate and proceed to try and deplatform people...
>>63 2019-04-25 14:20:23
I wish there was an easy way to get them to fight one another. Right wing deplatformers vs left wing deplatformers.

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