>>154 2019-05-04 10:42:37
~The lumpenproletariat is passive decaying matter of the lowest layers of the old society, is here and there thrust into the [progressive] movement by a proletarian revolution; [however,] in accordance with its whole way of life, it is more likely to sell out to reactionary intrigues.

~Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

When are you going to address the real issue in cities? the LQ, or Lumpen Question - unfortunately many leftists have drunk the liberal koolaid with regards to the lumpenproletariat, especially anarchists but also idpol-ML's as well.

When normal average people think of THE LEFT (tm) they think of liberal politicians who are in favor of being soft on criminals who basically harm normal working people. These lumpens are not shitting on porky, they are harassing and making life difficult for normal workers, the guy who gets up early to work at an auto shop. This goes from the street criminals, to the addicts you see portrayed in the documentary "Seattle is Dying", to high end mafia and organized crime who played a pivotal role in the fall of the USSR.

The lumpenproletariat is usually co-opted by the forces of reaction as its easier to be a criminal in capitalism, especially unregulated capitalism, than a socialist society where all property is owned by the state or community!

Now I know you will say BUT MUH ILLEGALIST PRAXIS! Illegalist praxis is like 0.0000001% of crime in general. You stealing paper towels from the office is in no way compatible with muggers, rapists and other scumbags. The targets of the lumpen are usually other working class people, not the rich, because other working class people are who they see and interact with on the street in their daily lives, not the rich in their gated communities and high rise offices.

Yes, both rich and poor are victims of crimes, but the workers suffer more as they are living paycheck to paycheck and the rich have the ability to recover.

Anyway you split it the lumpens the real revolutionary position would be tough on crime. Too many leftists have taken the liberal "protect the most vulnerable using the current system" ideas and internalized them. They have liberal-washed marxism. Marxism is not about protecting the workers because they are weak, marginalized, and exploited. Marxism is a triumphantalist narrative like christianity and rapture/apocalypse. Marx chose the proletariat because they were the class most likely to be powerful and succeed in overthrowing the system. Which is the fucking opposite of liberalism.

Bottom line, the lumpens are class enemies right after porky and the petit-bourgeois.
>>156 2019-05-06 15:46:26
t. wagie
>>157 2019-05-07 01:49:57
>>156 yeah im a wagecuck ill admit it

--- its bad enough i have to work whore myself out everyday for wage, now i have to deal with drughead douches like OP-pic related when they shit up the place

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