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Back in the day one of the things that got me into politics was the Zeitgeist series of documentaries, specifically the Zeitgeist:addendum documentary.

These movies basically were George W Bush/2000s era conspiracy theories which sold the idea that GWB had pre knowledge of, or even orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. It also included some federal reserve conspiracies. But thats a topic for another time.

The Zeitgeist: addendum documentary was different in that it went into possible solutions for the problems of the world, and namely, it went into something called the Venus Project, which was an idea of a utopian technocracy made by a guy called Jacque Fresco.


Looking back in retrospect, its obvious Fresco was not a socialist (although he was accused of being a crypto-communist by others). He had grown up in the great depression in America and been influenced by the poverty he saw there. His ideas were way more influenced the the 1930s technocracy movement and the economist Thorstein Veblen, who had a non-marxist critique of capitalism.

Veblen was influenced by Marx but while Marx saw the proletariat as rising up against the ruling class, Veblen believed that the proletariat would instead emulate the ruling class. This belief served as the basis for Veblen's theory of conspicuous consumption.

Essentially Veblen thought that capital accumulation allowed the bourgeois to waste time and money on unnecessary and wasteful luxury consumption, and because of their cultural hegemony the other classes would try to emulate, rather than overthrow them.

Fresco was influenced by this and had an idea of not a technocratic society run by engineers as Veblen wanted, but a star-trek style post scarcity utopia/FALC where computers did the work for all of us (including and especially the work of planning production itself) and humans would have leisure time to do whatever they wanted.

While the idea of a post scarcity society may not be environmentally feasible, the futuristic-ecological architecture of the venus project and the vision of a better society through technological automation and AI-driven planning is one which is pretty compatible with cockshott style cybersocialism imo. In fact in an ideal Cockshottist society the central planning would all be done with computers with the exception of a small and highly technical team of dedicated engineers would would build and maintain the system for the benefit of everyone.

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